Ebrahim's story

My Body Stress Release journey started when my Mom experienced extreme pain and
numbness in her arms and hands. She was diagnosed with a pinched nerve between C6 and C7.

An expensive operation costing about R50 000 was advised. A friend of mine suggested we first try Body Stress Release. After a few sessions the pain reduced drastically and over a period of 3 weeks she was pain free and was able to return to work.
After my Mom's excellent recovery, I immediately opted for Body Stress Release when I experienced a burning sensation and pain in my calf, while running. It was established that I had some lower back stress which was compressing nerves that supplies the legs.

This compression of the nerves was referring the pain and burning sensation down the leg into the calf. My recovery took a while and I had to take a break from running, to allow healing to take place.

I was so impressed with this simple yet effective technique that I decided to do the course. I am a Body Stress Release practitioner for the past 7 years and find it a very rewarding and fulfilling career.

Zainab's story

I was working in the corporate environment for 17 years being exposed to continuous
stress of production deliveries and part-time studies.

Ebrahim completed the Body Stress Release course in 2006 and having regular sessions gave me great relief from calf cramps, lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension and my monthly migraine.

My stress levels became so severe that I had to go for Body Stress Release on a weekly basis. In evaluating the effects of my stress level on my family life, I realized that something had to change.

When looking at how I have benefited from Body Stress Release and how other people benefits from it on a daily basis, I decided to do the Body Stress Release course in 2012. Since my return in October 2012, working in my own practice, I have personally seen Body Stress Release assist people in enhancing their quality of life.

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